Hakodate Onuma sightseeing tour

Onuma park in Hakodate Hokkaido!

Are you looking for some accurate and proper information about the Onuma park and surrounding!?

Well, your humble servitor is glad provide you some informations about the Onuma park in Hakodate Hokkaido :


1) ONUMA PARKHakodate Onuma sightseeing tour taxi cab

Enjoy splendid scenery in a relaxing area,  Activities like kayak, bicycle rental, lunch on a mini floating terrace and plenty are available on spot!



Enjoy awsome homemade soft-serve ice cream andHakodate Onuma Soft cream and ice cream local milk sightseeing tour, “giving” milk activity to Calf  for 1000 JPY,

Tel : 0138-67-2889 (good food for your GPS)
For more details about Milk giving activity :  http://yamakawabokujyo.com/honiyu_2016.pdfHome page : http://yamakawabokujyo.com/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral



Orchard fruits farm is a place where you can enjoy fruits picking activity,Onuma fruits picking activity Hakodate Hokkaido

Yes , I wasnt sure about this till I made deep search on the web and called the tourism center…as there is only Sapporo area which get all the good ranking on internet.. sad and unfair hahaha, But yes you can enjoy Fruits picking activity in Hakodate Onuma area in Hokkaido!
Tel : 0138-65-2517
MAP CODE 86 459 587*24
Home page : http://www.town.nanae.hokkaido.jp/hotnews/detail/00003189.html  (copy paste in in google translation)
And again because we are above awsomeness here the translated page link : https://translate.google.co.jp/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.town.nanae.hokkaido.jp%2Fhotnews%2Fdetail%2F00003189.html&edit-text=


4) SHIROTAI RANCH 城岱牧場展望台Onuma Hakodate nigth view


Have you ever heard of the “back night view spot in Hakodate”!?  Yes that exist, an iam really glad to share it today, the Ranchview point is located at 550 meter high and at 30 minutes from Hakodate city and 28 minutes from Onuma park
Home page : https://good-hokkaido.info/en/shirotai-ranch-observation-point-nanae/
Address: 〒041-1104 Hokkaido, Kameda District, Nanae, Kamifujishiro, 564
Tel : 0138-67-2156 (good for your GPS)




If you are looking for a complete Tour solution, I also have a great suggestion for you :


9:30 Hotel pick up
10:20 Onuma park (1:30 hours) 11:50
12:00 Lunch (1:00 ) 13:00
Farm activity :
13:20 Fruit pick up : NANAE FARM (fruits depend on seasons) (1 hours)14:20
14:30 Milk farm : YAMAKAWA FARM (giving milk activity) (1 hours) 15:30
16:00 Famous View point : Ranch SHIROTAI (550 m) (50 minutes)
17:30 Hotel

from 50 000 JPY (activity fees not included)

More information contact us !!!


***** I wish i could  to share about the POROTOKAN center however it was impossible to reach them…  ,

It seems that their phone is not working so the activity migh not be available…
this location is a public space where you could enjoy activities like : make your ice cream and enjoy play ground …

In case you may want to try your luck here the details :

0138 67 2536
10 minutes from the Onuma park
1200 JPY activity fees



Other spot to visit in Hakodate

If you have the chance to spend more than 1 day or 2 in Hakodate, why not enjoy the below spots :

Hakodate fish market
Mount Hakodate
Red Brick Warehouse
Fort Goryokaku
Onuma Park

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