Bar Hopping & Izakaya Tour Sapporo Susukino

Bar Hopping & Izakaya Tour Sapporo Susukino

Discover Sapporo city and the Night life with a guide !

Lets enjoy together Bar Hopping tour in Sapporo Susukino Night life district and enjoy local specialties, local beers, Meet locals and share a good time!

Bar Tour Isakaya Sapporo Susukino

Bar Tour Isakaya Sapporo Susukino, Hopping Bar Sapporo Hokkaido Susukino

Yes, It can be intimidating if it’s your first visit to Japan and if you don’t speak Japanese or if you’re a solo traveler! Where do you start?

But If you are interested in Japanese food culture or enjoy drinking with others on a night out, let’s enjoy and explore Susukino together!

Lets discover both the sightseeings spots and then end in a Japanese Bar Izakaya in Susukino district together for a 120 minutes all you can drink, and then enjoy some premium Japanese Sake tasting in one of my secret spot!

Lest share a good time in a Japanese way with locals !

A great tour for new comers and peoples which want to meet locals!

Contact us for more details or Book NOW !

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