Furano Biei Sightseeing Day Tour 8 hours (Private Van)



Furano Biei Private Tour

9 Hours Tour : 50 000 JPY  

Enjoy a Full Day Tour and Discover the Furano and Biei area !


Furano lavender field private sightseeing day tour

What’s included

Included :

  • Transportation
  • Hotel pick up/Drop off

Not Included :

  • Activity & Entrance fee
  • Meals & Drinks

Place of visit depending on your preferences : 

  • Farm Tomita
  • Blue pond
  • Lunch
  • Panorama view
  • Shikisai no Oka
  • and more depending on time available and plan time


Contact us for availability and customisation ! 




Hokkaido’s cherry blossoms bloom May 2019

Sakura,  Cherry blossom in Hokkaido NOW 2019

Contacts us for more details : here

Sakura in Hokkaido is on the way !!!  Hokkaido sigthseeing Cherry blossom tour sakura 2019 May,

Hokkaido’s cherry blossoms bloom in late April  after enduring  a long winter, thats why Hokkaido’s cherry blossoms have a really unique  beauty.

1) Enjoy our small video about Sakura Cherry blossom in Hokkaido coming April –  May 2019,

Contacts us for more details : here

Sakura in Hokkaido, Cherry blossom in Hokkaido, Hokkaido sakura cherry blossom May 2019, Hokkaido sigthseeing Cherry blossom tour sakura 2019 May,

2)Enjoy our small video about Sakura Cherry blossom in Hokkaido coming April –  May 2019,

Furano Lavender field & garden flower sightseeing day tour

Hokkaido Furano lavender private sightseeing charter day tour


Enjoy a private tour in Furano with your family or friends !


Visit the most famous spots in Furano! From the lavender field in the Tomita farm to the  flower garden field of Shikisai no Oka, during a 9 hours private day tour.

Taste the suprisingly good lavender ice cream, the sweet Furano melon and enjoy souvenirs shops with lavender made product as the lavender oil, lavender pillow, and more

With our 9 hours Van charter plan visit Furano in Hokkaido at your rythm and adjust your itinerary at your conveniences,

  • Furano Private charter  Van or Alphard, 8 hours tour from 50 000 JPY (toll not included) 
  • Furano Private charter  Van or Alphard, 10 hours tour from 60 000 JPY (toll not included)
  • Payment on spot available by cash or credit card , (* 5 to 10% deposit condition apply to pre-confirm the booking)


Furano farm Tomita sightseeing tour

Craft your own Furano tour itinerary

Craft your own itinerary and send it to us by email, we will provide you quote! Contact us !


Draft itinerary sample of 10 hours tour in Fruano and Biei :

7:30am Sapporo Hotel Pick up
10:10-11:00 Furano Farm Tomita (Free & easy, 40mins),
12:00-13:00 Lunch (Soba, Donburi, Ramen, near Furano Marche’)
13:30-14:10 Biei Shikisai no Oka, (40mins) 
14:35-15:00 Biei Blue Pond (25mins), 
17:30 Back to Sapporo


A video of Shikisai no Oka in Furano and Biei


May you need further Information please feel free to contact us !



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Hokkaido Sakura season started today!

Spring is now well in place and the Sakura are blooming soon!

As you may guess, the geographical location of Hokkaido make the land the last place in Japan to see the Sakura,

That s mean that if you missed the season in Tokyo , here between the begin and middle of May you will be able to enjoy  still the Sakura blooming.


Where to see the Sakura in Hokkaido ?

There is numerous great spot to enjoy the Sakura s magic feeling, here our Sakura view spot recommendations :

1) the Odori park
the odori park is located in the center of Sapporo city and offer an almost 2 kilometer long park.
Sakura there is the most enjoyable as there is numerous shop and thing to do all around.

2) the Maruyama park and Hokkaido Shrine
If you are looking for an astonish Sakura experience, this is the spot to enjoy
the path beetween the Mon gate to the Shrine will drop you back to a meiji period feeling

3) Furano
Yes Furano is not only know for its magnificient lavender field and fantastic scenery and terroir,
but also its sakura view spot^^

4) Hakodate
The last selection but the best , imagine a park of more than 300 Sakura, all around a rest of an ancient fortress in a shape of a star, the Goryokaku is the SPOT to be in Hokkaido if you wish to enjoy something unique !

Thats all for now,
if you wish more details or a quote for a day hire (Van for 8pax 50 000 JPY)
please contact us here

Hokkaido Private Transfers to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Airport

Hokkaido Private Charter Transfer to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Airport

The Best taxi-cab-van price guidance in a web jungle !

Hi! My dear friends,

Yes, Winter is finally here and I guess that your are already preparing your family holiday trip to Hokkaido^^

As every year, I guess that your are still wondering how to get from A to B without stress and getting exhausted dont you ? Maybe you tried google with : #Hokkaido Private Charter & Transfer to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Chitose Airport… without success?

Of course there is the train which does all the main city in Hokkaido, or the bus which take forever to reach the destination…. but depending on how many people in your party, sometime the public transportation network may not end so cheap…nor convenient at all for some destination like Niseko or Furano..!

The best solution in Hokkaido is a Private Charter & Transfer service.  

A taxi to Niseko ? a Van to Furano? a Bus to Kiroro? so many price, so many website… at what cost?

Well,  to help you,  here a table for a clear picture to find the best rate in Hokkaido for a Private Charter & Transfer to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Chitose Airport and more  :

1) Average price for a private transfer in Hokkaido (please note that the price may vary to 5000 to 10 000 JPY up depending on each company)

Area Small Taxi Hiace/ Jumbo Commuter Micro Bus Medium Coach Large Coach
Direct Service Niseko Area ⇔ Sapporo/ Chitose 26,000 35,000 55,000 99,000
(all prices for Niseko Area ⇔ Furano Area 55,000 65,000 90,000 130,000
one way) Niseko Area ⇔ Hakodate Area 68,000 85,000 93,000 150,000
Niseko Area ⇔ Otaru Area 25,000 35,000 46,000 99,000
Rusutsu Area ⇔ Sapporo/ Chitose 25,000 36,000 45,000 99,000
Otaru Area ⇔ Sapporo Area 16,000 25,000 38,000 99,000
Otaru Area ⇔ Chitose 27,000 37,000 45,000 99,000
Sapporo Area ⇔ Chitose 16,000 25,000 38,000 99,000
Kiroro ⇔ Chitose 30,000 40,000 43,000 99,000
Kiroro ⇔ Sapporo 26,000 35,000 40,000 99,000
Charter Service
8 hrs Niseko→(Otaru/Sapporo/ Niseko) 50,000 55,000 72,000 128,000
 Tour Attendant English /Other  15,000  15,000  15,000  30,000

2) On the top of it some company may include or not the toll fee in the Transfer :

*Toll fee is included for the direct transfer services. / Toll fee is not included for the charter services.
Charter services are available for to/ from Niseko, Sapporo, Otaru, Chitose, Rusutsu and Kiroro, other contact us

3) Also beware the vehicle capacity ! It is really important that you choose the correct vehicle :

**Passengers(excl. driver)
Small Taxi – 3 Pax without luggage, or 2 Pax with luggage
Hiace/ Jumbo Taxi – 9 Pax without luggage, or 7 Pax with luggage
Micro bus – 15 Pax without luggage, or 10 Pax with luggage ( No cargo room equipped)
Medium Coach – 26 Pax without luggage, or 15 Pax with luggage ( cargo room equipped)
Large Coach – 45 Pax without luggage, or 30 Pax with luggage (cargo room equipped)

That s it for now!

Hope that will help! Please leave a comment or send me an email if you got better price^^

One more thing, if you wish to book a private transfer in Hokkaido to Niseko or Sapporo at the best price or cheaper (if it is not too late ) here the link : https://hokkaidotaxi.com


The concierge Team

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