Hokkaido Sakura season started today!

Spring is now well in place and the Sakura are blooming soon!

As you may guess, the geographical location of Hokkaido make the land the last place in Japan to see the Sakura,

That s mean that if you missed the season in Tokyo , here between the begin and middle of May you will be able to enjoy  still the Sakura blooming.


Where to see the Sakura in Hokkaido ?

There is numerous great spot to enjoy the Sakura s magic feeling, here our Sakura view spot recommendations :

1) the Odori park
the odori park is located in the center of Sapporo city and offer an almost 2 kilometer long park.
Sakura there is the most enjoyable as there is numerous shop and thing to do all around.

2) the Maruyama park and Hokkaido Shrine
If you are looking for an astonish Sakura experience, this is the spot to enjoy
the path beetween the Mon gate to the Shrine will drop you back to a meiji period feeling

3) Furano
Yes Furano is not only know for its magnificient lavender field and fantastic scenery and terroir,
but also its sakura view spot^^

4) Hakodate
The last selection but the best , imagine a park of more than 300 Sakura, all around a rest of an ancient fortress in a shape of a star, the Goryokaku is the SPOT to be in Hokkaido if you wish to enjoy something unique !

Thats all for now,
if you wish more details or a quote for a day hire (Van for 8pax 50 000 JPY)
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