Furano Biei Sightseeing Day Tour 8 hours (Private Van)



Furano Biei Private Tour

9 Hours Tour : 50 000 JPY  

Enjoy a Full Day Tour and Discover the Furano and Biei area !


Furano lavender field private sightseeing day tour

What’s included

Included :

  • Transportation
  • Hotel pick up/Drop off

Not Included :

  • Activity & Entrance fee
  • Meals & Drinks

Place of visit depending on your preferences : 

  • Farm Tomita
  • Blue pond
  • Lunch
  • Panorama view
  • Shikisai no Oka
  • and more depending on time available and plan time


Contact us for availability and customisation ! 




Hokkaido Private Hiace Van for 9 passengers : Transfer and Sightseeing

Hokkaido Private Hiace Van Taxi Cab for 9 passengers Transfer and Sightseeing in Hakodate !

We are glad to adding this new post today, as our network is growing with new partners and vehicles,

At Japan Concierges our mission is to provide the best rate to our Guests and to ensure that our service providers, here, professional taxi drivers (Only) receive entirely the full benefit of their work.

We are happy to share with you that we are now covering Hakodate city! From simple transfer to sightseeing tour in Hakodate our partners are ready to assist you!

Contact us now !

Niseko Hiace van taxi cab - Furano van taxi cab - new Chitose Airport van taxi cab,

Passengers: 9 Interior: Normal seat Child Seat : Available on Request
Bag Capacity: 9  Ski&Snowboard : Ok  Japanese driver



Some Famous Spots in Hakodate :


The Goryokaku was made in 1864 and it’s construction took ten years.Today the site is a famous spot for cherry blossom viewing,From the top of Goryokaku tower, you can see Goryokaku’s pentagon shape. a popular tourist spot for visitors.From the top of Goryokaku tower, you can see Goryokaku’s pentagon shape.

Mt.Hakodate Observatory

Aside Hong Kong and Naples this is counted as one of the best night views in the entire world.The Hakodate Ropeway or connects you up to the summit and there are also climbing buses, so you can enjoy the Hakodate views under your eyes from the steep roads.

Hakodate Orthodox Church

The color of the church is similar to the ancient Russian Byzantium style with a white wall and green steel ceiling. There are six small dome-shaped towers in the rooftop, and each has a cross on them. Behind the church, there is an ocean in the background, and the beautiful white and green church is now a famous photo spot.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is located at the area, facing Hakodatewan which contains lots of commercial facilities:BAY Hakodate that has several restaurants and shops, Hakodate History Plaza, used as exhibition hall and beer hall, Kanemori Hall which can be used to hold a concert or wedding etc. A part of it still remains a warehouse.

Hachiman Hill

Hill tour is one of the highlights of Hakodate tour. There are a lot of hills in Hakodate, each of them has a distinctive name. Hachiman hill is named after the Hakodate Hachimangu. The beautiful view of the Hakodate harbor is worth the effort of climbing up the hills, this view is also shown in several Japanese TV dramas and Commercials.

Onuma Quasi-National Park

The park has abundant nature and there are many ways you can enjoy a whole day there. In summer, you can enjoy cycling, taking a cruise, canoeing,fishing,etc. As the lake surface freezes in the winter, you can enjoy winter activities such as fishing for lake smelt. You can stroll along the walking trails to enjoy the varying views from season to season.

Please submit your itinerary and all details needed to assist you and we will assist you to find a vehicle and to ensure that your itinerary is accurate and well translated,

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A 8 hours Van charter plan is available , including the driver and the Hiace Van which will allow you to visit Hokkaido at you ease.

From 50 000 JPY / 8 to 9hours

Sapporo private Sightseeing Day tour with Hiace Van for 9 passengers,
– Niseko private Hiace Van Sightseeing Day tour
– Furano private Hiace Van Sightseeing Day tour
– Noboribetsu private Hiace Van  Sightseeing Day tour
– Niseko private Hiace Van  Sightseeing Day tour
– Otaru private Hiace Van Sightseeing Day tour
– Furano private Hiace Van Sightseeing Day tour

Our fleet is composed of  :  taxis, vans and buses.


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Hokkaido Taxi Cab new design !

Dear Followers,

For repeater customer and new comers this year, you will have the chance to maybe ride the new Japanese Taxi released recently by Toyota,

An smooth urban compact design for 4 pax and luggages, for a comfortable ride.

Here the release note by Toyota :

An all-new taxi that will alter the Japanese landscape

On the heels of its storied history as a symbolic taxi in Japan, a brand new taxi will appear on the road of the next era. Its name is JPN Taxi (Japan Taxi).
With its exterior body dressed in the symbolic, traditional Japanese color koiai – a color known outside of Japan as Japanese indigo, which has long decorated the lives of the Japanese people – the JPN Taxi is designed to complement both cityscapes and historical landscapes. With detailed functions adapted with thoughtful and attentive consideration, alongside outstanding eco-functions expected from a model that represents the future, the JPN Taxi will vividly “repaint” Japanese scenic imagery familiar to people the world over.




Koiai. It’s a color born from the hearts of the Japanese, a deep indigo blue that stands the test of time. “Ai” has been a beloved color in Japan since ancient times. It is also a color representative of the country Japan – known as Japanese indigo outside of Japan. Long a symbol of Japan, this traditional color evokes Japanese hospitality. The color koiai will stand by you, and give you a sense of security, dignity, and formality. It’s the new standard color of taxis in Japan that allows for flexible use in a wide range of scenarios, from daily use to formal occasions and business.


A universal design that delivers comfort and peace of mind to a wide range of people

Imagine being out and about in your wheelchair. Going shopping with small children. A busy executive enjoying some down time. Or visitors to Japan asking to ride the JPN Taxi again and again. From the far north to the southern climes, from the city center to scenic spots, this taxi will play an active role in your life. It’s a taxi with a people-friendly, universal design that delivers comfort and peace of mind to a diverse range of people, suitable for a variety of occasions. The JPN Taxi embodies the spirit of Japanese hospitality, born out of numerous improvements and without compromise, as seen in such features as the convenient grab handles and the overall structure of the vehicle.


A design pursued by customers, drivers, and business owners.

The vehicle features a power rear sliding door and a low, flat floor. Large windows allow customers to enjoy a view of the landscape. The cabin features a high ceiling, and the driver has an optimal range of vision due to the position of the pillars and rear windshield wipers. Headlights and fenders are divided into separate parts, contributing to lower repair costs. We have taken into consideration the comfort of customers, the convenience of drivers, and the priorities of business owners and managers. The road that stretches beyond our aim contains the happiness of everyone who shares time with the JPN Taxi.


360 view :



Gallery :


For a complete details :  https://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/detail/19173376AC


Thank you Toyota !

Discover Niseko

Niseko, its all here! from romantic getaways in the resort hotels of the area, to back country camping, a wealth of outdoor activities for everyone in the family, this is one part of Japan that you can truly say is an area of endless discovery, every time you visit it will be different and something fresh will certainly catch your eyes.

Niseko is located in the Southwestern part of Hokkaido, in an alpine region that is dominated by Mt. Yotei (Yotei National Park) to the east and Mt Annupuri to the west. Niseko is conveniently located 100 kms from Sapporo which is Hokkaido’s largest city. The Niseko district has earned a reputation as one of the best ski area’s in the world, home to the Annupuri Ski Resort and the Niseko Village Ski Resort the resort is gaining momentum on the world stage.

However it is not just winter that is popular in Niseko, the summer’s are also very special and the district stands out as a all year round outdoor activity destination. The name Niseko is derived from the ethnic Ainu language of Hokkaido. Niseko Annupuri translates to “Mountain with a river, which runs around the bottom of a sheer cliff” The weather is typical inland weather, with an annual average temperature of 6.3 degrees Celsius, the deepest snow in winter is 200cm in depth.

Niseko is beautiful throughout every season of the year. The summer brings with it a variety of outdoor pursuits like climbing, canoeing, rafting and other outdoor activities. Winter brings with it not only beautiful scenery but also a variety of extreme winter sports. The area has a vast variety of Hot Springs on offer throughout the year however these are best enjoyed after skiing and really add value to your Niseko experience.

In Spring through to Summer (July to late August) the area is carpeted in colorful flowers, one of the most photographed scenes in Niseko is the ‘Famous Twin Cherry Blossom’ scene, it is 2 Large Cherry Blossom trees in the middle of a green field on the top of a small mound with Mt. Yotei in the background.

The walkways and treks around the district are world class. The views of Mt Yotei from the observation deck at the 1000 metre level on Mt Annupuri are absolutely out of this world, take a gondola up the mountain in the morning and enjoy the sensation of floating on clouds as the entire valley below is covered in cloud with Mt. Yotei the regions famous landmark majestically standing out above the clouds. From the viewpoint it is a very short 1.3 km walk to the Summit of Mt Annupuri, to get the feeling of truly being on top of the world. This is a great trek for everyone.

The Winter months bring with them a world of excitement with vast Ski Slopes and Powder Snow, You can enjoy world class skiing, a vast variety of Restaurants and Ski lessons. Ski Lessons are available for everyone from beginners to professionals.

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here  Our fleet is composed of  :  taxis and  vans


Text and credit from : https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/

Hakodate in Hokkaido !

A vibrant and active morning seafood market. A unique blend of Japanese and Western architecture exists in the city.

Located in the southwest of Hokkaido and facing the Tsugaru Strait, Hakodate developed as a port town for trade with foreign countries at the end of the 19th century, and is a gateway connecting Hokkaido with Honshu by the Seikan Tunnel.

A morning market is held at the bay area near the railway station, where more than 360 stalls packed tightly together attract shoppers with freshly caught squid, scallops, salmon eggs, Atka mackerel, and many other kinds of fresh fish and shellfish. A five-minute walk will take you to the moored Seikan Strait ferryboat, named the Mashu-maru Memorial Ship, which used to link Aomori in Honshu with Hokkaido. There is a restaurant and a coffee shop at its bow where you can spend a nice, relaxing time viewing the scenery around the port.

The area around Motomachi maintains a congenial blend of Japanese and Western cultures, being home to the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, an important cultural property, the old British Consulate with its tea lounge, Hakodate Russian Orthodox church, as well as the Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple, a branch temple of the Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple in Kyoto. At the waterfront overlooking the Hakodate Port, there is a shopping mall inside remodeled red brick warehouses, gift shops and the Hakodate Beer Hall.


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Asahikawa Asahiyama Zoo

A zoo featuring fascinating exhibits showing the behavior of the animals in their natural habitats

Located in the very north of Japan, Asahiyama Zoo is home to 700 animals of 124 different species, and is the first facility in Japan to have succeeded in the natural breeding in captivity of animals that live in cold regions, such as polar bears, Amur leopards, and Scops owls. Moreover, the zoo has become popular for its exhibits that enable visitors to see each animal’s innate attributes and their unique abilities and movements, so there are always many tourists, not only from within Japan, but also from overseas.

A tunnel enables visitors to see how penguins swim in a way that looks just like flying, while spotted seals behave just like they do in the wild, as they swim vertically through a transparent pillar-shaped tank called a marineway. Other popular attractions include the Polar Bear Aquatic Park, where visitors can see polar bears, weighing almost 300 kg, as they dive into the pool, and the Orangutan Trapeze, where orangutans stroll around 16m above the ground. You mustn’t miss the sight of the penguins walking around in the snow to alleviate their lack of exercise. They happily walk around briskly in a group in front of the tourists. Their daily feeding time is also a must-see. The keepers put on diving suits to feed the penguins in the water; this method of feeding the animals in a way that brings out their natural traits is unique to Asahiyama Zoo. All of the animals can be seen living in a natural environment as they entertain visitors.


Higashi Asahikawacho Kuranuma, Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Late April-early November (Please check at official website). 09:30 – 17:15 (last admission: 16:15); November 3 – April 7: 10:30 – 15:30 (last admission: 15:00)
Admission Fee
800 yen (high school students and older); free (junior high school students and younger)
40 minutes by Asahikawa Denki Kido Bus from JR Asahikawa Station (2 hours from New Chitose Airport); alight at the terminus, which is right by the zoo. (Bus) 30 minutes by Asahikawa Denki Kido Bus from Asahikawa Airport. (Car) 30 minutes by car from Asahikawa-kita interchange on the Hokkaido Expressway (2 hours 20 minutes from New Chitose Airport).

Source : www.jnto.go.jp

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Our fleet is composed of  :  taxis and  vans

Niseko Access Transfer by Taxi cab from the New Chitose Airport

How to access to Niseko,

There are numerous way to access Niseko,
However here our main recommendations :

What type of vehicle should i take :

The best way to Niseko from the airport is to take a private van if you are travelling with friends or family, a private van to niseko is averagely around 36 000 Jpy. Which is not too bad when you know that it can fit between 8 to 9 passengers and that it comes with a driver to welcome and assist you at the airport, also the cost can be divided by 8 so 4500 JPY. Of course there is other options depending on the number of peoples in your party. Here the average price per vehicle categorie to Niseko :


      – Alphard taxi cab charter  is  35 000 JPY

      – Hiace Van taxi cab charter  is 36 000JPY


What is the travelling time from niseko

Depending on the weather condition :
it take around 2h30.
However 2h30 to 3h00 in winter,

This is why we recommend for people taking a domestic fligth to leave Niseko 4h00 before fligth time
and for international fligth 5h before, to ensure no delay. . as you will need
3 hours ride and 2h advance check in

What to do in Niseko in winter ?

That’s a funny question ^^, Ski and ski and ski again of course !

What to do in summer ?

Hum. . . numerous activities as :
Rafting, Mountain bike, Trekking, etc. .

May you need further Information please feel free to contact us !




Hokkaido Private Transfers to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Airport

Hokkaido Private Charter Transfer to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Airport

The Best taxi-cab-van price guidance in a web jungle !

Hi! My dear friends,

Yes, Winter is finally here and I guess that your are already preparing your family holiday trip to Hokkaido^^

As every year, I guess that your are still wondering how to get from A to B without stress and getting exhausted dont you ? Maybe you tried google with : #Hokkaido Private Charter & Transfer to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Chitose Airport… without success?

Of course there is the train which does all the main city in Hokkaido, or the bus which take forever to reach the destination…. but depending on how many people in your party, sometime the public transportation network may not end so cheap…nor convenient at all for some destination like Niseko or Furano..!

The best solution in Hokkaido is a Private Charter & Transfer service.  

A taxi to Niseko ? a Van to Furano? a Bus to Kiroro? so many price, so many website… at what cost?

Well,  to help you,  here a table for a clear picture to find the best rate in Hokkaido for a Private Charter & Transfer to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Chitose Airport and more  :

1) Average price for a private transfer in Hokkaido (please note that the price may vary to 5000 to 10 000 JPY up depending on each company)

Area Small Taxi Hiace/ Jumbo Commuter Micro Bus Medium Coach Large Coach
Direct Service Niseko Area ⇔ Sapporo/ Chitose 26,000 35,000 55,000 99,000
(all prices for Niseko Area ⇔ Furano Area 55,000 65,000 90,000 130,000
one way) Niseko Area ⇔ Hakodate Area 68,000 85,000 93,000 150,000
Niseko Area ⇔ Otaru Area 25,000 35,000 46,000 99,000
Rusutsu Area ⇔ Sapporo/ Chitose 25,000 36,000 45,000 99,000
Otaru Area ⇔ Sapporo Area 16,000 25,000 38,000 99,000
Otaru Area ⇔ Chitose 27,000 37,000 45,000 99,000
Sapporo Area ⇔ Chitose 16,000 25,000 38,000 99,000
Kiroro ⇔ Chitose 30,000 40,000 43,000 99,000
Kiroro ⇔ Sapporo 26,000 35,000 40,000 99,000
Charter Service
8 hrs Niseko→(Otaru/Sapporo/ Niseko) 50,000 55,000 72,000 128,000
 Tour Attendant English /Other  15,000  15,000  15,000  30,000

2) On the top of it some company may include or not the toll fee in the Transfer :

*Toll fee is included for the direct transfer services. / Toll fee is not included for the charter services.
Charter services are available for to/ from Niseko, Sapporo, Otaru, Chitose, Rusutsu and Kiroro, other contact us

3) Also beware the vehicle capacity ! It is really important that you choose the correct vehicle :

**Passengers(excl. driver)
Small Taxi – 3 Pax without luggage, or 2 Pax with luggage
Hiace/ Jumbo Taxi – 9 Pax without luggage, or 7 Pax with luggage
Micro bus – 15 Pax without luggage, or 10 Pax with luggage ( No cargo room equipped)
Medium Coach – 26 Pax without luggage, or 15 Pax with luggage ( cargo room equipped)
Large Coach – 45 Pax without luggage, or 30 Pax with luggage (cargo room equipped)

That s it for now!

Hope that will help! Please leave a comment or send me an email if you got better price^^

One more thing, if you wish to book a private transfer in Hokkaido to Niseko or Sapporo at the best price or cheaper (if it is not too late ) here the link : https://hokkaidotaxi.com


The concierge Team

# Hokkaido Private Transfers to Niseko, Sapporo,Furano, Airport